is it?

TrueYou is a dating apps aggregator, helping your profile via artificial intelligence.

How do you use it?

TrueYou aggregates your dating profiles across multiple apps.
After logging in you can express your taste on different users. The algorithm learns your preferences and allows you to automatically like profiles found in different dating applications. Also we remove fake profiles via a mix of AI techniques. Our unique chat service helps you improve your messaging and appearance.

What do you use it for?

TrueYou represents your profile on different dating apps. Save time. No searching for profiles for hours without any results. Now sit back, go to the gym and let TrueYou handle all the tedious and frustrating initial search and liking of profiles based on your previous preferences.

How does it work?

TrueYou algorithm uses convolutional neural networks to extract attractiveness features from dating profile pictures, then adds in your preferences to find the most attractive people around you. You can sort profiles based on attractiveness and then intelligently choose which ones to like and to interact with.

Better Decisions

Make better informed decisions. Use data to improve the quality of your interactions with other digital profiles of people around you. Use our chatbot to improve your profile, select the best pictures and improve your messaging with the person that you like.



All Italians working with LUISS Enlabs AI Worklab in Rome, Sicily and Milan. Our competencies range from Artificial Intelligence, Psychometry, Python to Machine Learning, behavioral sciences, graphic and ux.